Holiday Fun and Madness

It being cyber Monday yesterday, I was feeling a bit self-congratulatory after getting a lot of Christmas shopping done online. So quick, so efficient, and kind of fun with all the interesting sales. I tend to favor smaller web sites as I know they are owned by small businesses, not unlike my own. I found a lot of great things for family members and friends. Next on the list? Gingerbread supplies of course. Last year, the dogs may have snuck onto the table and eaten the roof of our gingerbread house, but it was still great fun.

This year, I’d like to take a family photo with the dogs, all of us decked out in holiday garb, so I just finished buying their little outfits for that. Naturally, I went with one of our own suppliers who makes incredibly cute Mr and Mrs Santa outfits, and anticipate some adorable-ness will ensue.  The Thanksgiving costumes were a huge hit, but those were custom made for my fuzzies by a very talented lady on Etsy.

Looking through albums, I realize there are very few photos of me with the dogs, because I’m usually the one holding the camera, so the goal this year will be to create something memorable and fun that we can not only share with our social networks, but also keep and cherish in our family albums.

When our Loki passed away last year, I realized I had only one photo of myself with him. One photo in his nearly twelve years of life.

I know the memories are what truly matter, but photos are cherished tokens of those memories, so I will strive to work on that as one of my resolutions this year.

In other news, I’ve been in contact with some very promising local manufacturers, so our fingers are crossed for the bed styles we’ve been trying to make. Nothing is set in stone yet, but should things pan out, I will be over the moon thrilled to have our products made right here in California. Being made in the USA was a given for me, but to be able to work in my local area is nothing short of incredible.

Here’s hoping!



Our Shiloh, in one of her first fancy dresses.



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