That One Time When..

I was about to leave to run a few errands today, when Oliver


That’s Oliver, or “Ollie”…began to climb my legs, whining to be taken along. He does this every single time I leave the house, and I’m known to give in if I happen to be going somewhere dogs are allowed or at least tolerated. Today it was the ATM, Post Office and corner store, so luck was on his side. Because it’s not always easy to walk him on a harness in a public place or near a busy street (Ollie morphs into something like an octopus on PCP when he’s leashed and gets excited) I just carry him. All 23, fluffy, adorable pounds of him.

So, I lugged him to the car. I put him in his little seat, and off we went. In and out of the car for each errand, I lugged my hairy little man, dressed in his blue holiday sweater with penguins on it, and people smiled at him, and kind of cringed for me as I balanced him against one crossed leg while standing at the atm trying to do three things at once, but it was still cute and/or heartwarming. I think. He  was very happy to be out. And he’s super cute in case the photo left you guessing.

As I pulled back into our driveway with him, I started to think about all those things I’ve done with my dogs that seemed like a good idea at the time, or random stuff that just happened and turned into memories of “That one time..”

1. That one time I was in the car with all four dogs and couldn’t go home yet because house painters were finishing up and the dogs would have been in the way/in danger of running out of the house, and I got bored. So bored, that I saw a  drive through car wash and thought it would be a fun idea to go through it with the dogs. I even said “Want to go through the car wash, guys? It’ll be fun!”. They seemed on board with my idea, so it was decided.

Positioning my automobile just so on those weird little thingies you have to park over and putting it into park seemed to alert Pippi, our red-headed Chihuahua. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but she could already tell it was going to make her bark a lot. The low growling and faint squeaks began, but I was not discouraged. It was gonna be fun!

The car wash began in earnest, and there was all the usual spraying and smacking about with huge brushes and whatnot, and every dog except for Shiloh reacted in some big way. Pippi ran around the car barking and yipping, Jax jumped into my lap and cowered against me, Ollie barked and howled at every gadget to come near the car, and Shiloh just sat there in the passenger seat watching everything quietly. In true Shiloh fashion, she seemed to be slightly annoyed, as someone constantly surrounded by idiots is apt to be.


“We are not amused!”

Some of you might be laughing, some might think I’m a horrible dog owner for the car wash experiment, but rest assured, they were not scarred for life, and Jax didn’t even throw up. All in all, I’m going to consider it a success.

And then there was that time (yesterday) when Jax somehow got onto the dining room table, grabbed an orange, realized it was too big for his mouth AND stuck, and promptly fell backward off the table in a panic.

That time we tried to make tutus at home, ourselves while simultaneously engaging in canine crossdressing by using Jax as one of the models.


They looked like their butts were on fire.

How about that time I tried pigtails on Shiloh?


I’m probably lucky to still have all my fingers.

The time Pippi stuck her head in an Ugg boot, then couldn’t get it out…Image

Or the time her collar got stuck in her mouth like some kind of bondage gag because she kept trying to eat it.Image

How about the time I tried taking Shiloh to agility class to see how she felt about the other dogs? She just showed them all her ‘ugly’ face and was having none of it.

I’ve had dogs for over 20 years now. There have been many ‘fails’, some funny, some not, but none of them fatal..many mistakes and much laughter. I don’t imagine the next 20 will be any different, and I’m happily looking forward to them.

Bottom line, That one time I brought home a dog…was freaking awesome.



One comment on “That One Time When..

  1. This is so sweet! I hope I have as many cute and crazy memories with my pups.

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