Is Vintage Fashion Only for Humans?

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The Vintage Vault

This is a question I’ve pondered, and of course my answer is no! Now, I realize not everyone wants to dress in matching outfits with their dog, and even if the two of you had a similar dress or coat, of course there is no need to wear them at the same time…unless you want to!

However it is no secret that whatever is popular in human fashion will always make its way into the pet industry.

Just as sports fans happily buy their favorite team’s T-Shirts or Jackets for their dogs, Vintage-Lovers can do the same!

I am not embarrassed to admit that, if only for photos, I would happily wear a matching outfit with my darling Shiloh girl. Truth be told, we both have the cherry print dress I’m using as one example below.


Here, we have a beautiful faux-fur coat, which comes in both colors and can…

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