Logan’s Law

I’ve decided to share Logan’s story in our blog, because we are offering a 15% coupon code discount, and will be donating a percentage of all those purchases made when you use the code “Logan” at checkout.

Logan’s Law has already made amazing progress, but they can’t do it without support, and so we hope you will consider it, and pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested. Shiloh’s already donates 15% of proceeds to animal causes, but if you want proceeds from your purchases to go directly to Logan’s Law, then just use the code “Logan”.

Here is Logan’s story, as told on http://www.loganslaw.org

      Logan, A sweet 11 year old Husky, who in March 2012 suffered a terrible burn when an unknown person came       into his yard, unprovoked,  and threw an acid based chemical in his face while Logan was in his kennel.
After many weeks, countless prayers, and lots of love, Logan’s wounds steadily healed but the scars remained.
It became the mission of Logan’s family to get an animal abuse registry law passed in the State of Michigan. This Law would make a registry of those convicted of animal abuse, and require all animal shelters to refuse sale or adoption of an animal to anyone on this list. This new Law would be named “Logan” after the dog.
On July 9th, 2012 Logan lost his fight to the treatment and side effects of the attack. Logan is gone, but the fight continues. Help us make sure no other animal suffers like Logan.
Please help us by supporting Logan’s Law.”
“Where Fashion Meets Compassion”
Your support allows us to fulfill that promise.

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