Dog Stolen in California-Urgent!

I’m sharing this in any forum I can, because it’s a heartwrenching case. An 87 year old grandfather’s dog was stolen by two assholes right in front of him, and as he tried to stop them from taking his poor little dog, they assaulted him!

Shorty has now been missing for days and there are no leads. Please share this with anyone in Southern CA, or with anyone you think might be able to help this poor family find their dog. They are offering a reward with no questions asked for Shorty’s safe return.

Thank you!

  1. BOYLE HEIGHTS, CA – STOLEN DOG ALERT!!! Shorty is still missing.$5000 REWARD is being offered with no questions asked.Shorty a 2 year old brown Chihuahua, was stolen from 87 year Mario Segovia 1-14-2014 at a liquor store at the corner of Pomeroy Avenue and Tremont Street in Boyle Heights, California.

    Shorty wandered into the liquor store while Mario was outside, and two men grabbed Shorty, wrapped him in a jacket, and took him into their truck. They were driving a Chevy truck with a blue lightning mark on it. The truck looked like a Tahoe. Mario hung on the the moving truck’s window and mirror (since he can barely walk) until the passenger slapped him twice causing him to lose grip.

    Mario is beyond devastated and has, for the first time in decades, cried because he lost his loving companion. Mario now refuses to eat and is alarmingly depressed. They liquor store did not have an operating camera.

    The support of the Facebook community and media to get the word out is what is bringing him hope! Please continue to help Mario get Shorty back. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

    Join us on our Find Shorty Facebook page:

    For any information or sightings of Shorty, please Contact Joe Segovia at 323-517-3723

    Press inquiries, Contact Helen Trimble at 310-699-3568


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