Life with Shiloh and Company!

Shiloh and Company is not only the name of our upcoming pet apparel brand, but our nickname for all the dogs who collectively make up this fuzzy little family.

Miss Shiloh has recovered well (knock wood!) so far from her Inflammatory Bowel Disease illness, and is still on a carefully controlled diet and medication regimen. The other small dogs are doing very well, and to celebrate ‘dental month’, Pippi and Jax had their teeth professionally cleaned by our vet a few weeks ago. Looking good!

We’re still scrambling to set things up for Shiloh’s Youtube channel, and look very forward to creating adorable, informative and fun content. So many ideas, so little time!

Buddy is the eldest member of our dog family, and is about fourteen years old now. Over the weekend, I noticed he had some mouth or cheek pain and was yelping with the slightest touch, so I took him to his vet first thing yesterday morning where he underwent a bit of surgery to remove a couple of small masses in his mouth (we’re waiting on biopsy results), one badly decayed back tooth, and he is now also being treated for a possible infection in his throat. We ran blood tests among other things, so hopefully all checks out well, and he’s feeling back to himself soon.
For now, my sweet boy is still pretty out of it, and not really up and moving about too much. He’s managed to go outside twice today, and is eating and drinking, so I’m just keeping a close eye on him.


That’s my Buddy! The photo was taken at the vet’s office a while back. He generally wears that smile all the time, and is an aboslute gem.

Things are progressing with our own brand, though we are still working on creating our patterns and first round of samples, so these things DO take time!

What matters is that we finally found a local manufacturer who can fully help us design and produce all of our products right here in the USA.

We had a horri-bad disaster with a very fraudulent company within the pet industry, but can’t go into detail here. Not yet. Litigation, and all that.

Hopefully that issue can finally be put to rest soon, and it’s onward and upward from here!

I’m super excited about the Youtube channel. Not only is it a great opportunity to create some good dog-related content and do some DYI projects geared toward dogs, but we’re also hoping to go out into the community and speak with some of the rescues we support, and also the other companies we love. We will of course talk about products we carry, but we love to promote the products we love, even if we don’t happen to sell them. Flat dog tags and specialized dog foods, to name two. We love to support other small businesses and look forward to sharing why we love them.

Going into business for yourself is quite the undertaking of course, and so there will probably also be some chatter about that! The good, the bad, the catastrophic, and all the other trial and error involved in such a journey.

We hope to be able to offer something for everyone, so stay tuned! Once things are decently up and looking good, I will share all the channel info here.

The channel is here, for those of you who want to hit ‘subscribe’ even in the ‘construction phase’  :

Life at Shiloh and Company is always busy, always adorable, and never dull, that’s for sure!

^ As always, you can visit our store there!


2 comments on “Life with Shiloh and Company!

  1. kyangel17 says:

    Keep it up. Everything new takes time, but you are well on your way. Shiloh is a beautiful, smiley dog, and I love that kind. So happy to have a person.

    • That picture is of Buddy, actually. = )

      Shiloh is a 4 year old Lhasa Apso girl. She’ll smile for you when she’s in the mood,but runs this house with an iron paw for the most part. We adore her!

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