Shaking things up at Shiloh’s!

I am happy to report that we have found a local manufacturer, though I have probably already reported that. As they’re busily working on our first few designs, we’re re-thinking how we interact with our fans, followers and other friends online. We love our Facebook friends, and they’ve all been truly wonderful over this past two years or so.

And yet, things can get stale, leaving you looking for new and better ways to build your little corner of the web and expand things a bit, hence Youtube. I personally watch a lot of channels and tutorials which normally have nothing at all to do with dogs, actually. I’m a huge fan of vintage fashion, so I tend to stare at the hair tutorials and other related content quite often. I find it fun, and was also inspired by how these ‘vloggers’ don’t just stop at tutorials, but really build their own small community of fans and followers on Youtube. They have great conversations, take input from their viewers in order to make the videos people actually want to see, and so on.


Also a lot harder than it looks. I’ve been watching video-making tutorials, and photoshop tutorials, and buying all kinds of stuff. I’ve also clearedo out a spare room where we normally keep our inventory and otherwise use for storage, and have been setting it up as a kind of small “Shiloh studio”. That part has been fun so far, and I hope we’ll soon have a lot of great stuff to offer. I want to of course talk about Shiloh’s, and what’s new and/or shaking, but also go further by having little visits and interviews with the rescues we support, perhaps visit the manufacturer to show some of what goes into making a product, and so many other things.

Great Gatsby-inspired accessories and headbands. That’s already happening with the humans here at Shiloh and Company, so don’t be surprised if you find that on our channel once we have things up and running. I do realize that not everyone dresses their dogs up or uses clothing at all, and I completely understand. Sometimes though, a dog owner is looking for that special touch to jazz up a photo session or holiday, so the DYI projects we end up doing might appeal to them anyway.

Obviously, I like every product we offer on the site or they wouldn’t be up there, so I think it will be great to actually show them in our videos and kind of demonstrate them on the actual dogs. Images of a product can be very nice, but nothing quite beats seeing a real dog wearing or using it, not to mention…cute!

I love products that I have absolutely nothing to do with, too. A good example are those flat dog tags vs the type that dangle. I’d already been buying them for my dogs in the past, but our little Jax didn’t have one yet. He had the traditional, dangly dog tags featuring his name and address, and for about a year, that was just fine. Until it wasn’t.

Luckily, I was up in the main house with him at the time, because I heard some really horrible noises, and turned around to see poor Jax running through the houe like a wild thing with a heating grate stuck to his neck. Somehow, his tag had not only caught the grate (which are rather heavy and usually on the floor) but also snagged it, and pulled it right out!

So, there was my poor boy running around so frantically with that horrible, heavy thing clanging and banging around, and there I am chasing him, trying to catch him so I can free the poor little beast, all the while worrying that he was being injured. The sharp corners, the sheer weight of the damn thing..I was no happier than he was as I ran around trying to grab him. I finally did, and with some help from someone else in the room, I got it off of him, and spent the next several minutes consoling and checking him for injuries. His little heart was absolutely pounding, and he was clearly terrified, the poor darling.

So, the moment I knew he was fine, I went straight to the web site of the man who makes the particular kind I use.

They look like this:



They offer several styles to best fit your dog’s particular collar and the size of the collar, but you get the idea of what they are.

Collar tags can pose a safety issue as we saw firsthand with poor Jax, so these are clearly superior in that sense.

So, that’s just one example of a product I love, find useful for my dogs, and will probably be talking about. 

If you follow the blog, then you know I also spend a good amount of time reading news stories involving dogs, and the latest topics which are relevant to pet owners in general. All kinds of stuff of that general nature will definitely find its way into the channel once I finish setting things up and figuring out how it all works.

I hope some of you will join us on Youtube, and pretty please not to judge us based on the limited content there now, it’s under construction!

You can find it at:


So, anyway, that’s what we’re up to this week!



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