As mentioned in my last entry, we tend to promote dogs, rescue and many other things on our page which kind of makes everyone forget what our company even is! We’re a retail store, and named after Shiloh, our lovely Lhasa girl.


So, here is just a bunch of gratuitous Shiloh!



Our favorite puppy photo. She was in her ‘play pen’ and wanted out, so she successfully manipulated me with this face.




This was that time I tried pig tails and she expressed her disgust with THAT face.




If you look a bit closely, you will see Shiloh being very, very dramatic. She wanted a toy, and Jax ran faster than she did to get it, so she flopped down in protest, and looked at me sideways to make sure I was watching her Scarlett O’Hara impression.




Here she was as a baby, and you can see what Ollie thought of his new baby sister right on HIS face.


Puppy Shiloh rocking her “Hello Kitty” look




That’s the weirdest love triangle ever, just saying.


Videos of Shiloh:  – Shiloh as a puppy, taking on a statue of a dog. – The accidentally hilarious (but fabulous) first ‘video’ for Shiloh’s Boutique




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  2. How gorgeous ! A happy Easter !

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