Loose dogs in the neighborhood – What do you do?

Excellent questions for an all-too common problem!

No Dog About It Blog

PugThis morning I let the dogs out to do their business like I usually do, but within minutes they were waking up the neighborhood with some very loud (and obnoxious) barking. Shelties are known barkers, but this barking had an intensity to it that I don’t usually hear from them unless it is a runner or another dog.

I raced outside to see both Jasper and Cupcake at the fence barking like crazy at something on the other side of it. I had an inkling what they were barking at as soon as I saw them there, but I walked over to see anyways. Yup. There he was again. The neighborhood stray (I say that with sarcasm). Standing next to the neighbor’s bushes.

The a little black and white Pomeranian-mix has been loose in my neighborhood many times. I’ve come to suspect his owner is either incapable of keeping him…

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