About Us

Shiloh’s Dog Boutique (www.shilohsdogboutique.com) has been around for about two years now, and while we do enjoy Facebook and Twitter and all the friends we’ve made along the way, we had no blog! Apparently, anyone who is anyone has a blog. We made a blog.

But really, we wanted the opportunity to truly introduce people to who we are, rather than merely our offerings as a retail company. In doing so, we also hope to create a far more interactive and hopefully, entertaining experience.  When we’re talking about our beloved Shiloh, and the other furry ones who make up Shiloh and Company, all things should be so easy!

Miss Shiloh has big aspirations. She hopes to become her own clothing brand, comic strip, and possibly even a calendar girl!

“Her” (okay, Our..) main goal, however is and has always been to pledge 15% of all proceeds to animal rescue groups, and other worthy causes which benefit the animals we all love.

That’s why we’re here.

We can never control what other companies do, and we’re not here to judge anyone..however when it comes to our own personal line of products and our brand, it will always be made in the USA. Support of animal causes and ethically-made products are our business model. Dog clothes are everywhere, no doubt about it. The pet industry is positively booming!

But how many of them manufacture their products in the USA?

How many of them support jobs here at home while also objecting to the treatment of animals in countries like China?

And how many donate 15% of their proceeds?

So, THAT, Dear Reader, is what makes us different. That is our business model, our philosophy and what sets us apart from all the rest.

Yes, we carry brands that were not made in the USA. Sadly, as a retailer, it is the only way we can ever bring you a true variety of products.

Will that change? Of course! With your support, and the backing of those who feel as we do, it is inevitable.

Until then, we will always clearly label all products which are made in the USA, and we never label them without checking to ensure that they indeed are made in the USA as claimed.

In the meantime, we are quite proud to carry the brands that are made in the USA, and tend to shamelessly promote them.

Welcome to our little corner of the web!

We’re very glad you stopped by, and hope that you’ll check in with us often.


Rachel Chappell

Owner of Shiloh’s Dog Boutique




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