Do Dogs Get “Roid Rage” ?

Our Shiloh is on a low dose of Prednisone, and has had some behaviorial changes lately. Namely, she gets horribly startled if you touch her while she’s sleeping, and will respond by growling and even snapping. This is SO not her usual personality, so I’m really glad her dose has been going lower and lower over time. Hopefully it’s now safe to just take her off. I will be discussing this with the vet soon. Have any of you had these issues with Prednisone in your dogs?

Fetch the Facts...

Steroids are used in veterinary medicine quite often. The physical side effects are well known and well documented. In people and rats, there are psychological and behavioral side effects ranging from anxiety and depression to an increase in aggression. This is due to the complex effects of steroids on the brain that involve multiple neurotransmitters.

Do dogs have psychological changes as a result of receiving steroids? A recent preliminary study suggests that the answer is yes.

The study that was done with respect to steroids and behavior changes in dogs was a small preliminary study that will serve as a base for more thorough and in-depth studies that are needed to really answer this question. In this preliminary study, 33% of dogs showed behavioral changes. The changes that the owners reported are as follows:

  • nervousness/restlessness
  • an increase in the startle response
  • food guarding
  • decrease in activity level
  • increase in avoidance responses
  • irritable aggression
  • increase…

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Sheriff: Drunk man says dog drove him to the store

Thankfully, the dog was rescued by law enforcement, so we can *almost* find his excuse a bit funny. “No, no, Officer..the dog drove!”

Oconee County, GA (WGCL) — A man was arrested in Oconee County, Ga. Wednesday after he claimed his dog drove him to the store.

Oconee County Sheriff Sgt. Partain says he responded to a call about a dog locked in a car outside a grocery store in Watkins, Ga. The outside temperature registered at 99 degrees and the internal temperature of the car, which was measured with a handheld thermometer, was 123 degrees.

Partain said a can of gasoline in the vehicle reeked and described the smell as “stifling.”

The driver of the car, Wesley Mark Terrell, 60, told Partain that his dog drove him to the store to buy some corn. According to the sheriff, Terrell appeared to be highly intoxicated.

Partain arrested Terrell and charged him with Animal Cruelty and DUI.

Animal Control took custody of the dog.

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Shoplifting Dog Caught Red-Pawed!




A “pawsitively” bad dog in Clinton, S.C. was apprehended last week after he was caught on security camera taking off with goods from a Dollar General.

The crime spree began when Cato the Husky broke away from his leash and headed straight for the store.

According to Fox Carolina, the surveillance cameras showed Cato walking up to the doors at approximately 9:38 a.m., however, the doors closed before he could make his way in. Finally, he was able to sneak in with customers where he proceeded to rob the store of pigs ears, beef bones, dog food, and treats.

The four-legged bandit then left the store in less than a minute, but returned about three minutes later.

“We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” said store manager Anastasia Polson.

Cato must have known that he needed to hide his loot because he took all the stolen goods and buried them nearby.

The police, who filled out a report just for the fun of it, might have asked Cato for a confession, but the four-legged bandit exercised his fifth amendment — right against self-incrimination.

The ‘red-pawed’ dog did have to spend some time in the pokey, but Holly Darden, Cato’s mom, bailed him out and paid for the stolen goods.

This isn’t the first time Cato has entered local businesses.

“He’s gotten into Ingles. He’s gotten into BI-LO. He goes to Pizza Hut. And he goes up to Yo Cup which is downtown too,” Darden said.

We are happy to report that Cato is now back home lounging around the house.


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Monday, December 16, 2013



Here’s hoping Cato’s Owner has figured out how to supervise and contain him since all of this. As cute and cheeky as this story is, it’s clearly not safe to allow a dog to run amok as she apparently has allowed Cato to do.




Loose dogs in the neighborhood – What do you do?

Excellent questions for an all-too common problem!

No Dog About It Blog

PugThis morning I let the dogs out to do their business like I usually do, but within minutes they were waking up the neighborhood with some very loud (and obnoxious) barking. Shelties are known barkers, but this barking had an intensity to it that I don’t usually hear from them unless it is a runner or another dog.

I raced outside to see both Jasper and Cupcake at the fence barking like crazy at something on the other side of it. I had an inkling what they were barking at as soon as I saw them there, but I walked over to see anyways. Yup. There he was again. The neighborhood stray (I say that with sarcasm). Standing next to the neighbor’s bushes.

The a little black and white Pomeranian-mix has been loose in my neighborhood many times. I’ve come to suspect his owner is either incapable of keeping him…

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