You Gotta Have Friends!

You Gotta Have Friends!

The old, and very true words “It Takes a Village” ring true for so many things in this life.

Every single day, we share and network dogs in need from all over the country using social media and dog rescue groups on social media. We all share, and we all also
help when we can, whether it’s contacting a rescue, offering donations TO a rescue who can take a dog from the shelter to safety, or even offering to foster or adopt a dog,
we all do what we can, because we love animals. This is a cause we are all very passionate about and dedicated to. “We” are made up of all kinds of wonderful people.
Some are members of a dog rescue, including a volunteer, and many others are just people who care enough to take time from their day to click ‘share’ on a post about a dog
who desperately needs to make it out of an animal shelter.

It always takes a village to save a life, and I feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of that, and to have made such wonderful friends along the way.

Shiloh’s Dog Boutique was never meant to simply be another retail site online where we sold cute things for dogs. We always had a bigger mission in mind, which was to help
animals in need via donations we generate through those sales. I’m not surprised that it’s become so much the focus that even WE forget we’re a store that sells things, I’m
just blown away by the sheer amazingness of the people we’ve gotten to meet, and I wanted to tell you about some of them here.

Randee Goldman, the Founder of Lhasa Happy Homes has come to be our very dear friend these past few years, and she is a true saint to animals. Like many rescuers, the word
“no” is rarely in her vocabulary, and she works hard every single day to save the precious lives she has devoted her own to. Though she mainly rescues “small, fluffy dogs”
She has been known to help save all manner of dogs, and has a special place in her heart for dogs who are senior, injured, or special needs in any other way.
I love her very much, and have found myself very grateful for her help where many a dog was concerned. Her Foundation is one that we support, and hope that you will, too.

Lhasa Happy Homes is located in Southern California, in the Santa Monica area, but they rely on volunteers and fosters all over Southern California. If you are interested in
volunteering or becoming a foster home to help them rescue even more dogs, please do visit them at the links provided below for information on just how you can become a member
of that most wonderful rescue family.

Another amazing friend I am thankful for is Kelly Anne Gerth, the Founder of Rose to the Rescue, Inc. Located in San Diego, her rescue mainly focuses on the dogs of Tijuana.
They face needs and challenges that most dogs here in California thankfully do not. These dogs are horrifically abused more times than they aren’t, and there are precious few
laws or resources in Mexico in place to protect them. This makes them the victim of cruel people who know they will face no consequences for harming them, and what happens is too
unspeakable to even begin to describe to you here. I hope you will visit her on Facebook or join her dog networking group (which is dedicated to dogs across America) and show her
your support as well.

To me, she is my hero because she goes where angels fear to tread. She is quite literally pounding the streets of Tijuana and right in the trenches of abuse that most of us could
hardly fathom, much less know what to do about. She goes there more than once a week and saves these dogs, even when she has to chase them through sewers or dangerous neighborhoods
to do it! She then takes them to her wonderful veterinarians and rescue partners in Mexico, where they are treated for a range of injuries and medical issues you will rarely see
in a dog here at home. This is because healthcare, vaccinations, spay and neuter etc..are virtually unseen in these poor dogs. They suffer from mange, and Cancer, they are victims
of horrible abuse, they are tossed outside and forgotten about in the elements, and they spend their lives running and hiding from their abusers.

Kelly saves these dogs, and shows them that not every human is bad. She heals their bodies, but also their spirits, and patiently spends as many months and dollars as it takes
to bring them back to health. When they are finally ready, she brings them to the United States so they can be adopted by loving families, never to face that kind of abuse or
neglect ever again.

Rose to the Rescue Inc, We LOVE you, and proudly call you our friend.

The links for her Facebook page, along with her dog rescue networking group are posted below.

I’d be honored if you would join our growing community of people who care, and thank each and every one of you who follow us on Facebook, read these blogs,
and each of you who have been with us on this crazy little journey into small business and animal rescue support so far!

We’re very blessed and proud to count all of you among our friends as well!

Rachel Chappell,

Owner of Shiloh’s Dog Boutique
Shiloh’s Dog Boutique page on Facebook:
Shiloh’s Dog Rescue Corner on Facebook (Our small, but growing networking group for dogs in shelters across the country)

Our awesome friends, Lhasa Happy Homes small dog rescue in Southern CA
Visit them on Facebook too, at:

Rose to the Rescue, Inc. on Facebook:

Rose’s Dog Rescue Networking Group, called “All Breed Dog Rescue Network”- (We admin for that page, so we promise you’re invited!)


Rescue Spotlight-Happy Mutts

Shiloh’s Dog Boutique pledges a  percentage of all proceeds to animal rescues and other animal-related non profits, and we’ve recently decided to start offering coupon codes to rescues which will generate donations specific to a given organization.

Based in Southern California ourselves, we were very happy to come across an organization called Happy Mutts, a rescue group who serves an area the animals are especially in need. The High Desert. Made up of many smaller towns, people and animals alike often find themselves in a remote place, rather cut off from resources which would be more readily available in larger cities. When you add the extreme heat and fairly drastic cold to the scenario, you end up with a crisis on your hands. One of our own dogs was rescued and adopted from Barstow (Loki, for those of you who have followed our blog) so this situation tugs at our heart in a very personal way, too.


We invited Dawn Baker, of Happy Mutts to do a Q&A with us so that we could properly introduce you to their organization.  Here is what Dawn had to say.

Shiloh’s: “Tell us a bit about your organization. When was it founded? Who is the head of your organization, and what inspired you to create your animal rescue?”

Dawn Baker:  ” Founded September 2013 officially; however, Happy Mutts was formed, due to someone taking over the founders original organzation and did not like the direction the old organization was headed.  The main person is Tessa Anderson; however, we do not believe in heads we are a group of independent rescuers who are just trying to make a difference by taking it to the next level and getting an official 501c3 started to better support our rescue habits and efforts.”

Shiloh’s: I understand you’re located in the desert areas of CA, where pets are especially vulnerable. Tell us a bit about the situations unique to your location and how it impacts the number of animals dumped in shelters and their chances of adoption.

Dawn Baker: “This rescue is one of the only rescues in the High Desert that takes all breeds, i.e. large, small, cats, Pit Bulls, you name it, we handle it.  We make every effort to save as many animals as we can, whether that be owner surrender, pulling from shelters, picking up from being abandoned, trying to help owners keep their pets by covering vet bills, fixing fences, we are working hard to eliminate the homeless pet population in the High Desert.”

Shiloh’s: “What conditions do you feel are unique in your area?”

Dawn Baker: “Lack of exposure, economically poor area, lack of support of the homeless pet population in the immediate area, more backyard breeders and people trying to get rid of animals than keep them.

The issues seem to be greater ,(and I am stating this as an observation and being involved with the rescue effort in this area since 2007), we moved here in 2000 from San Diego that has no kill shelters where people seem to get involved.  Fundraisers in San Diego bring in 100’s of thousands of dollars.  As a volunteer with several rescues including Happy Mutts I just had a fundraiser that brought in $16.30, horrific!  Might be 2 shots.”

Shiloh’s: “What is the shelter system like where you work?”

Dawn Baker: ” Those range from horrible to good.  We have 3 main shelters in our immediate area.  Victor Valley Animal Protective League, Hesperia Animal Control and Apple Valley Animal Services.”

Shiloh’s: “How do you feel your organization is helping to reach out to pets and pet owners in the areas you serve?”

Dawn Baker: “We attempt to keep the pet in their home as best we can, if that means helping the owner to cover vetting, fixing a fence, providing training, we reach out by walking the walk, not just talking the talk.  Our efforts speak louder then any words.”

Shiloh’s: “We all love to hear about the successful rescues. Are there any dogs that especially stand out in your mind that you’d like to share a story about?”

Dawn Baker: “So many to select…not sure which one would be the best to provide.  I will ask everyone to vote and provide the best story.  So stay tuned for this response.”

Shiloh’s: “Going forward, what are your goals for your rescue organization?”

Dawn Baker: “Our goal is to get enough outside funding to cut our private costs in half and double our ability to save more lives.”

Shiloh’s: “Do you feature any adoptable pets online or hold adoption events that are open to the public? If so, when and where are these held?”

Dawn Baker: “Since we are just getting started our website is still under construction, and we are still waiting for approval from adoption websites.  We do have adoption events weekly at the PetSmart in Apple Valley on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Shiloh’s: “Do you have a web site where people can learn more about the work you do, and donate to your rescue?”

Dawn Baker: Website still under construction =

Facebook has more details on the daily events that are happening with Happy Mutts =

Dawn Baker: “Any recommendations or suggestions for improving a starter 501c3 rescue would be MOST appreciated.  We are ALWAYS in need of funds, suppliers, volunteers, fosters and adopters! ”

Shiloh’s is very happy to meet Happy Mutts, and we really admire their approach. They don’t just work to save animals, they also work with pet owners who are in need of assistance, and with their community as a whole to help ensure that dogs are not abandoned in the first place. Their pro-active efforts toward information, education and resources are invaluable, and the High Desert is blessed to have such friends among them.

To support Happy Mutts, visit their Facebook page and give them a like! If you’d like to donate money or items, visit their web site and say hello!

The coupon code for this organization is “happymutts”. If you’re planning to do any shopping for your dog, you can enter that code on our site,

and instantly receive 10% off your purchase. In addition, Shiloh’s pledges a proceed of all purchases made using this code to Happy Mutts as a donation to the amazing work they do.

Rachel Chappell,

Owner of Shiloh’s Dog Boutique

“Where Fashion Meets Compassion”

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