Several arrested in alleged dog fighting operation in Apopka – FOX 13 News

Several arrested in alleged dog fighting operation in Apopka – FOX 13 News.



Nice work, Officers!!!!!


Let’s hope and pray every single dog recovered from the scene will be given amazing vet care and a second chance at life with new and loving families.


Vick’s dogs showed us that happily ever after is very possible for even the most scarred, traumatized dogs.


Let’s hope no one gives up on these guys!



Shoplifting Dog Caught Red-Pawed!




A “pawsitively” bad dog in Clinton, S.C. was apprehended last week after he was caught on security camera taking off with goods from a Dollar General.

The crime spree began when Cato the Husky broke away from his leash and headed straight for the store.

According to Fox Carolina, the surveillance cameras showed Cato walking up to the doors at approximately 9:38 a.m., however, the doors closed before he could make his way in. Finally, he was able to sneak in with customers where he proceeded to rob the store of pigs ears, beef bones, dog food, and treats.

The four-legged bandit then left the store in less than a minute, but returned about three minutes later.

“We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” said store manager Anastasia Polson.

Cato must have known that he needed to hide his loot because he took all the stolen goods and buried them nearby.

The police, who filled out a report just for the fun of it, might have asked Cato for a confession, but the four-legged bandit exercised his fifth amendment — right against self-incrimination.

The ‘red-pawed’ dog did have to spend some time in the pokey, but Holly Darden, Cato’s mom, bailed him out and paid for the stolen goods.

This isn’t the first time Cato has entered local businesses.

“He’s gotten into Ingles. He’s gotten into BI-LO. He goes to Pizza Hut. And he goes up to Yo Cup which is downtown too,” Darden said.

We are happy to report that Cato is now back home lounging around the house.


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Monday, December 16, 2013



Here’s hoping Cato’s Owner has figured out how to supervise and contain him since all of this. As cute and cheeky as this story is, it’s clearly not safe to allow a dog to run amok as she apparently has allowed Cato to do.